Salvia Effects

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Duration of Salvia Effects

Caution: Reactions and experiences may vary dramatically from person to person. [see below]
Salvia divinorum Duration Smoked
Total Duration
30 – 60 mins
20 – 60 secs
Coming Up
1 – 2 mins
at 2 mins
5 – 8 mins
Coming Down
15 – 30 mins
After Effects
15 – 20 mins
Hangover / Day After
– – –

Salvia Effects List

  1. Short duration (when smoked)
  2. Radical perspective shifting
  3. Increase in sensual and aesthetic appreciation
  4. Creative dreamlike experience
  5. Insight into personal issues
  6. A sense of peaceful appreciation for life in the afterglow, sometimes lasting days or weeks
  1. Powerful closed- and open-eye visuals
  2. General change in consciousness (as with most psychoactives)
  3. Altered perceptions
  4. Change in emotion, anywhere from very happy, to sad, to angry
  5. Change in body temperature, flushing
  6. A sensation of physical push, pressure, or wind
  7. A sensation of entering or perceiving other dimensions, alternate realities
  8. The feeling of ‘presence’ or entity contact
  9. Dissociation at high doses
  10. Uncontrolled walking or standing
  11. Loss of awareness of surroundings
  1. Overly-intense experiences
  2. Fear, terror and panic
  3. Increased perspiration
  4. Possible difficulty integrating experiences
  5. Higher doses can cause inability to control muscles and maintain balance: falls are reported.
  6. Mild to moderate headache, usually starting after effects wear off

Description of Salvia Effects

Buying Salvia is embarking upon a journey unlike any other. Salvia divinorum is unlike any other hallucinogen. It’s physical actions in the brain are unique and the resulting psychedelic experience is unlike any other. The hallucinatory mechanism is completely different from drugs like LSD or psilocybin mushrooms. The hallucinations caused by Salvia divinorum are very personal, the experimenter may even enter into a world of their own. Because of this, the effects do not lend themselves well to social interaction or “partying.” People using salvia for recreational purposes sometimes report that the “trip” is unpleasant compared to other psychedelic drugs.

While not conducive to recreational use, Salvia divinorum is an extremely potent tool for people seeking to benefit personally from an expanded consciousness in the form of heightened awareness, altered perception of reality, mystical experience and spiritual growth. While all psychedelic experiences are highly individual and subjective, many people regard the Salvia divinorum experience as useful for psychological healing and spiritual attainment. A common element in trip reports is a feeling of unity and ego dissolution.

The psychoactive effect of salvia can be subtle or intense, depending on factors such as the method of consumption and the strength of the substance ingested. In some individuals, the effects become stronger with increased use. It is a good idea to begin experimenting with Salvia divinorum by taking a small dose to test sensitivity, and then gradually increase dosage.

The famous salvia-researcher Daniel Siebert made up a scale for the strength of a salvia experience. His S-A-L-V-I-A trip scale shows 6 trip stages:

  • S – SUBTLE effects > Level 1
    Feel a sense of relaxation and increased sensual appreciation. This mild salvia trip is great for meditation and may help with sexual pleasure.
  • A – ALTERED perception > Level 2
    Colors and textures become more vivid. Your thinking becomes less logical, and your mind more playful. Enjoy a greater appreciation for sounds/music. No visions occur at this level.
  • L – LIGHT visionary state > Level 3
    Closed eye visuals (clear imagery: vision of objects and designs, pattern and color distortions). The effects of open-eye visuals are similar to the hypnagogic phenomena that some people experience at sleep onset. Objects in the room will appear to be moving, but are distinguishable from reality.
  • V – VIVID visionary state > Level 4
    Open-eyes: Complex three-dimensional realistic appearing scenes occur (e.g. having a birds eye view of a city with tiny people walking around in it).  Closed eyes: Enter a dreamlike/fantasy world where everything will feel real and indistinguishable from reality: Journey to other lands (foreign or imaginary), meet with beings (entities, spirits), time travel to other ages, live the life of another being.
  • I – IMMATERIAL existence > Level 5
    At this stage you may no longer be aware of your body (out of body experience). You will have some lucid thoughts but will have merged completely into the experience. You’ll loose complete touch with reality (where your physical body is and the room and people in it), experiences include: Merging with God/dess, tapping into your mind and/or universal consciousness, fusion with objects (merging with furniture piece)
  • A – AMNESIC effects > Level 6
    Loss of consciousness. The individual may fall, remain immobile or thrash around. This is not a desirable level, because you will not be able to recall the experience. For this reason a sitter is essential to ensure the safety of someone experiencing either Level 5 or Level 6.

You can read the full description of the S-A-L-V-I-A scale here.

Physical Effects

Aside from the possibly irritating nature of the smoke, Salvia divinorum is very safe to consume. It is completely non-toxic and non-addictive. The acute effects of smoked Salvia divinorum peak quickly and subside quickly, usually within 5 to 20 minutes. The less intense residual effects may be felt for an hour or more. Orally ingested salvia comes on more slowly and lasts longer.

Salvia does not produce visible effects on the body, such as reddening of the eyes, dilation of the pupils, or heart palpitation. The physical effects do include uncontrollable laughter, slurred speech, lack of coordination, and possibly impaired vision. It is advisable to use salvia under the supervision of a trusted “sitter” and to definitely avoid driving while intoxicated. Salvia is most enjoyable when used in a safe, comfortable and controlled environment.

The following video is a depiction of the physical effects of Salvia on the body, albeit, the person in this video is experiencing very light effects.

Psychedelic Experience

Every psychedelic experience is unique, and extremely difficult to put into words. However, many people have documented and shared their experiences. From this collected knowledge, some common or reoccurring traits of the Salvia divinorum experience can be observed. The SALVIA experiential rating scale, created by Daniel Siebert, creates six categorizations for salvia effects.

The first level of salvia experience is subtle. This is usually achieved through small dosages or by inexperienced users. The mild effects felt at this level include relaxation and heightened senses. The next level is altered perception. At this point, there is a definite change in the senses and slight distortion of spatial relationships. There is also a shift in logical thinking to more playful and whimsical thought. The third level is a light visionary state. In this state, closed eye visuals start to occur. The content of visuals is often two-dimensional patterns like fractals or arabesque designs, or images of tunnels, tubes, and worms.

Salvia ArtAt the fourth level of the SALVIA scale, the experiences become more intense. The fourth stage is a vivid visionary state. The visions in this stage are not of simple colors and patterns, but of entire worlds that can break the user’s contact with waking reality. This stage is the entrance into “dream time,” the world of the shaman. Auditory hallucinations can occur at this level. When the eyes are closed in the vivid visionary state, the experimenter can travel to other worlds and contact beings from beyond normal experience. This can be an opportunity for intense spiritual awakening, as it can dislodge psychological blocks that may be inhibiting deeper realization.

Immaterial existence occurs upon reaching the fifth level of the SALVIA experiential scale. Although consciousness and thought processes remain, all contact with normal reality is lost. At this level it is supremely helpful to be in the presence of a trusted sitter, as it is impossible to function in the outside world. Immaterial existence leads to the either terrifying or beautiful experience of compete egolessness. This may be perceived as the merging of all experience, unification with all of existence, or complete identification without outside objects such as a tree or another person. The experience of immaterial existence often has a profound, life-altering effect. The effects of Salvia divinorum may only last five or ten minutes, but the change in personality brought about by such an intense experience can last a lifetime. Exploring the psychedelic experience at this depth often imparts a new set of principles and rules about the world we live in.

The sixth stage is one of total amnesia. Either consciousness is lost, or there is a complete inability to recall the experience. Reaching this level without
supervision can be dangerous, as physical injury can be sustained by a person falling down, thrashing about, or becoming completely immobile.

Experimenting With Salvia

There are many records of salvia experiences, but so much of the experience is either felt through the senses or deeply implanted through intuitive understanding. This causes it is supremely difficult to understand the effects without direct personal experimentation. The surest way to benefit from Salvia divinorum is by approaching the exploration with a correct attitude and expectations, and using a high-quality extract in a safe place with a trust-worthy sitter. Intense experiences with Salvia divinorum may not necessarily be pleasurable and fun, but will certainly by awe-inspiring and revealing.

People have tried many different activities while using Salvia, here is one such instance:

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