Why are you not allowing different shipping and billing addresses?

February 19, 2018 6:26 am Published by

We have been subjected to an increasing amount of fraudulent orders.

We came to the conclusion that the problem was that we allowed different shipping and billing addressses. People using different names from the card issuers name and a lieu of other methods. Kids using parents cards or neighbours stealing their neighbours card information and buying easily tradeable and sellable goods. Even people using the card holders name but with different shipping addresses.

Every charge back is a threat to our very survival as a business. A typical merchant needs to keep chargebacks below 1% to keep merchant processing capabilities.

We have had to put a complete stop in allowing different billing and shipping addresses and we will not send under any circumstances to hotels, and motels.  We will not send to names of people who are not the card holders. If your 18 and a normal person this should not be a problem, this is America even your debit card doubles up as a debit.

If you have a long history with us and no prior history of charge backs we may make exceptions. Please add a comment in the note section or call or email us with your request.

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