Any payment type restrictions in place?

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Cash on Delivery is a service that is only offered to customers that reside within the United States. If you place an order and select COD by error from a country outside the United States your order will be cancelled and we will notify you.  We have put in place certain blockers within our site to restrict payment type based on geographical location, however, it is not full proof and may still allow users from outside the United States to select COD as a payment type. If you experience this please notify us and we will advise our tech team to investigate. [ NOTE THIS SERVICE IS NO LONGER BEING OFFERED ]

Credit Card Payment is a service that is offered to all we do not have any restrictions in place. Our payment processor is located in the United States, as such, we have noticed that some international cards are being automatically declined. We are currently investigating the problem with our banking partners. Thank you for your patient. If your card is declined please use alternate payment method such as Bitcoin payment.

Bitcoin Payment is a service that is available to all. Bitcoin a crypto currency payment solution is a secure method of paying. We have a complete explanation on how to sign up for wallets and use bitcoins to make a payment.

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