E-check Payments

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Q: How does e-check work?
A: The process is quite simple, on your end all you need is to get a check and input the appropriate information. 

Q: How long is the processing time?
A: We first run your numbers through a verifier to ensure that the numbers are correct. Once we deposit the check it could take anywhere from 5-7 business days to clear a check. The larger the check the longer we hold the funds to ensure that the check does not bounce. 

Q: Do you have a maximum that you allow for e-check?
A: For security and fraud prevention reasons we do accept payments above $300. Any payment above that amount will need to be made by Bitcoin/Litcoin (crypto payments).  

Q: What happens if I place an order above $300 by e-check?
A: We will advise you first and work with you to adjust the order, but ultimately the order will be cancelled. 

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